Biodiesel at 24/7 Travel Stores

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24/7 Travel Stores started blending biodiesel up to 20% with diesel in July of 2020. We retail biodiesel blends at 8 of our 10 locations, and those locations selling biodiesel have a decal on the pumps to notify our customers. Please visit our locations page to see the specific blend ratio’s at each location.

Biodiesel Benefits

24/7 Travel Stores is only using soy bean oil based biodiesel manufactured to ASTM 6751.  Biodiesel has several performance advantages over ULSD and economic advantages for our customers and the state of Kansas. Our research has shown that we can provide our customers with a better, cleaner, and more competitively priced fuel.

Reduce Your Costs

Get a $1/gallon rebate for up to 2000 gallons of biodiesel per year.  Kansas Fleets/Businesses can get a rebate for using biodiesel blends of B10 or higher. Go to https://metroenergy.org/biodiesel-rebate/ for more information and click here for the rebate form. Remember to save your receipts! It is only available until funds are depleted.

Biodiesel Performance

Biodiesel has increased lubricity and higher cetane compared to ULSD. It also burns cleaner putting less demand on the DPF decreasing regeneration cycles and DEF consumption. In fact, our 24/7 Transports experienced over a 6% increase in MPG.

Video by Renewable Energy Group: “Biodiesel Performance: Go Inside a Diesel Engine”

Support the Kansas Economy

Nationwide, biodiesel contributes 15% to the price of a bushel of soybeans. Kansas biodiesel production generates employment opportunities for farmers, truck drivers, fuel marketers and others across the state. All told, it adds nearly $60 million to the state’s economy annually, the National Biodiesel Board (NBB) calculates, using a formula from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Video by United Soybean Board: “Biodiesel Works for Soybean Farmers”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it manufactured to an industry specification?

Yes, our biodiesel is soy bean oil based and is manufactured to ASTM D 6751, which is the standard for B100 biodiesel for use as a blend stock with petrodiesel; ASTM D7467 is the standard for B6-B20 blends. The diesel fuel specification ASTM D975 also includes an allowance for up to 5 percent biodiesel as part of the standard diesel fuel pool.

Can Biodiesel be used in cold weather?

Yes, Biodiesel blends can be used in cold weather.  However, like regular diesel, biodiesel can gel in cold temperatures. You have trusted us to manage cold weather properties of your ULSD, and we will continue to monitor the weather and adjust additives in our fuel to ensure cloud points remain below expected ambient temperatures.

I hear it will clog my fuel filter?

Biodiesel itself will not clog fuel filters. However, it has a solvent effect that may release deposits accumulated on tank walls and pipes from previous diesel fuel. The release of deposits may clog fuel filters initially and precautions should be taken.

Video by Renewable Energy Group: “Biodiesel and Your Engine”

To see more FAQs, please visit BIODIESEL.ORG


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