Current Fuel Prices
Unleaded 88 (88 Octane)
15% Ethanol
Unleaded (87 Octane)
10% Ethanol
Regular Unleaded (87 Octane)
Pure Gasoline
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Debit Price
Cash Price
Prices listed here are not guaranteed. Fuel prices listed at store location are accurate and definitive.
* A bio blend ratio listed by the diesel price indicates biodiesel content between 5 and 20 percent. The listed blend ratio is our target.


Salina 24/7 Store - I-135, Exit 92
671 Westport Blvd.


Additional Services

  • Certified Scales
  • Pure Gasoline (No Ethanol 87 Octane)
  • The Book Stop Used Books
  • Paved Truck Parking- 50 spots for Semi Tractor Trailer