Trucker Services

At 24/7 Travel Store, we understand your workday is long, consisting of tight schedules often dotted with delays. We strive to offer quality and quick service to keep you going and provide ample space for you to relax for those times in between.


Looking for a spot to relax other than in the cab of your truck? We invite you to have a seat in our lounge area. Dine at a table, charge your device(s), and stream or browse on your phone with our free wifi.




Freshen up with a free shower when you purchase a minimum of 75 gallons of diesel or only 50 gallons when you use your VIP rewards card! Showers are available without a minimum fuel purchase for $12; Add a shower for your
co-driver for just $4. Note: A $2 towel deposit is required.
Service available at select locations.




While you enjoy hot food and a refreshing shower,
get caught up on laundry. Large capacity units, our machines can handle your everyday wear.

A single wash is $3 and one hour of dryer use is $2; Forgot your detergent? Detergent and dryer sheets are available in the store for additional fees.
Service available at select locations.




Copy: .50 /page
Received Fax: $1.00
Sent Fax: $1.00


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