24/7 Travel Store Raises $51,847.90 to Fight Hunger in Kansas

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In a continued commitment to combat hunger in the state, 24/7 Travel Store has recently concluded its 6th annual Food Bank Fill-Up campaign, raising a total of $51,847.90 in support of nine Kansas food banks during the month of September, National Hunger Awareness Month.

In this year’s campaign, four out of the ten participating stores reached the maximum match contribution of $3,000. These stores, Salina-Ninth ($6,306.18), Colby ($7,245.67), Abilene ($8,654.97), and Goodland ($10,798.32), played an instrumental role in rallying community support.

Salina’s efforts deserve special recognition, as they shattered previous records with an impressive donation of $10,249.16 to the Salina Emergency Aid Food Bank, surpassing their 2020 record of $9,355.88.

The Goodland store raised $7,798.32 and with the added match up to $3,000, a total gift of $10.798.32 was made to Genesis Food Pantry of Sherman County. The past two years there has been tremendous support within this community for this campaign. The collaboration effort between the 24/7 Travel Store team and the representatives at the food panty is seamless and highly effective in making a difference in the lives of those in need. Dawn Jolly, food bank manager, expressed “We are blessed beyond measure and happy to benefit from this community effort. These funds are a vital resource that allow us to support our commitment to families in need. We can’t say thank you enough”. Tony Russell, a dedicated cashier from Goodland, raised $2,876 during the campaign. Reflecting on the achievement, Russell emphasized the larger impact, noting, “Over 100 families benefit monthly from our area food pantry. This makes every effort worth it. I know these funds will make a difference.”

Abilene’s store raised $5,654.97 and with the added match of up to $3,000, a total gift of $8,654.97 was made to the Abilene Area Food and Clothing Bank. Abilene stands out as the only community consistently maximizing the company match each year, showcasing their commitment.

24/7 Travel Store, Director of Marketing, Jackie Hynes shared “The dedication of the representatives from the Colby food pantry representatives was evident from the above and beyond support they provided to maximize the match opportunity. Their efforts and community outreach elevated this campaign, ultimately reaching the maximum match our company offered, $3,000. The Colby store raised $4,245.67, gifting a total of 7,245.67 to the Genesis Food Pantry of Thomas County, demonstrating the spirit of generosity within the Colby community.

Despite the Russell community’s campaign ending early, September 18, due to the temporary closure required for transitioning into a new store, the community’s dedication shone brightly. They managed to achieve 67% of their initial goal, raising $2,016.58. Added to the match, they presented a total gift of $4,033.16 to the Russell County Food Pantry.

The campaign has made a substantial impact in the fight against hunger. In WaKeeney, the $2,458.14 contribution to the Trego Co. Food Bank will benefit an estimated 25-40 families monthly. Similarly, the Maple Hill community raised $2,377.50, that will help Community Care Ministries to support the estimated 80 families they serve each month. The Hays community raised $1,535.35, providing significant assistance to the St. Joseph Food Pantry, which consistely serves an average of 200 families per month. Lastly, the McPherson community raised $2,960.28 to contribute to the McPherson County Food Bank, which aids approximately 30 families every month.

National Hunger Action Day, which fell on September 23, emerged as the highest fundraising day for the campaign, bringing in an impressive $5,039.51, including the company match. On this day, food representatives were on-site in the stores, during select times, accepting food items as well as encouraging guests to contribute monetary donations. Due to the transition occurring for a new store, the Russell location was unable to participate in this event. There are plans to host another fundraiser on behalf of the food bank as part of the grand opening events, next spring.

“This year’s Food Bank Fill-Up campaign demonstrates what we can achieve when we stand together to make a difference. Hosting food bank reps on-site on National Hunger Action Day amplified the impact of the campaign, reinforcing the local essence of the donations and encouraging guests to contribute. We couldn’t be prouder of our teams and communities for their dedication to driving out hunger, together,” said Hynes.

The Food Bank Fill-Up campaign once again demonstrates the power of community collaboration. Through the joined efforts of businesses, local representatives, and the public, Kansas is making strides in driving out hunger, one donation at a time.




If you’d like to learn more about this event, check out the 24/7 Travel Store Facebook Page.
To date, this annual event has raised $314,350 to support local food banks (2018-2023).

24/7 Travel Stores has ten locations to serve guests and travelers along the Interstate 70 and Interstate 135 corridors throughout Kansas. These stores are operated by local teams that live and shop in the surrounding area. Many of the hardworking individuals have been with the company for longer than five years, and some have been with the company for as many as 35 years.

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