New Abilene Store Now Open!

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The new 24/7 Travel Store in Abilene, Kansas will be opening the convenience store and new auto pumps on Monday April 30, 2018.

24/7 Travel Store has made a commitment to Abilene by tearing down the old abandoned hotel and building a new travel facility to enhance the entrance to Abilene and a gateway to the Eisenhower Presidential Library.

The Abilene 24/7 Travel Store provides a full line of convenience store services with touchless restrooms and Great Plains Gift Store. The store has 12 auto fueling locations providing Unleaded Gasoline, Regular Unleaded Pure Gasoline without Ethanol, and Auto Diesel. 

New fuel canopies and store

New fuel canopies and store

Side by side of the old store & canopy and the new store & canopy

Side by side of the old store & canopy and the new store & canopy

Construction in front of the old store

Construction in front of the old store

Gasoline customers can save 5¢ per gallon every time they purchase gasoline with cash, check or using the SAVE 5 fuel cards. 

24/7 Travel Stores are known for great customer service and clean restrooms.

With the new store open, the old store will be demolished and the old fuel tanks taken out.  Then the new paving will be completed and the project finalized.

Then, the four truck fueling islands and the new Arby’s will open in late May. 

The Grand Opening is projected for early June 2018.

The Abilene location is one of 10 of the 24/7 Travel Store locations in Kansas.

Please join us as we continue to partner with the Abilene Community.

Larry Pankratz
Business Development Manager

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