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Fleets need efficiency.

Fleets need controls. Fleets need to save.

24/7 Fleet Card – 24/7 Travel Store’s commercial fuel card – can help fleets of all sizes achieve savings results and offer additional transactional security. This card offers savings every time you fill-up, electronic payments and online account access, and much more. The 24/7 Fleet Card commercial fuel card has all the features you need without the up-front deposits* or transaction fees.

If you want more information contact our Fleet Card Help Desk at FleetCard@triplettinc.com, or call 785-823-7839 ext. 107 during normal business hours

To apply, download the application, fill out on your PC and email to FleetCard@triplettinc.com

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*with approved credit

Program Features

Fuel Management and Fraud Protection

  • All transactions require a unique PIN
  • Odometer Tracking available
  • Track purchases by vehicle or driver

Authorized Product Purchase Options

  • All Products
  • All Fuels Only
  • Diesel Only
  • Gasoline Only
  • All Fuels, & related fuel products
  • Diesel, & related fuel products
  • Gasoline, & related fuel products


  • Automatic Billing and Payment
  • Online Access to Card Information and Usage Reports
  • No Paper Invoices
  • Automated Weekly EFT
  • No Checks to Mail


  • Volume Based Discounts based on weekly invoiced gallons
  • 5¢ discount off of posted street price on all weekly EFT accounts
  • No deposit required with approved credit
  • $3.00 per individual Fleet Card – one time set-up fee
  • $10.00 per month administration fee
  • $15.00 invoice inquiry surcharge


Download Application Form

To apply, download the application, fill out and email to FleedCard@triplettinc.com

Savings are based on credit price. Savings is 5 cents off posted street price for all weekly EFT accounts.

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