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Truck stop rewards made easier


The new and improved VIP Rewards program makes diesel rewards even easier. Enjoy a better fueling experience with easy access, reduced fueling times, and close proximity to the store, all with a loyalty program that rewards you now – not next month. Plus, you can earn DOUBLE points when you pay with cash or your 24/7 FleetCard; that’s up to 6 points per gallon! So register today and make every fill-up twice as rewarding.


  • Earn points on every diesel purchase.
  • Redeem at any time.
  • Earn double points when you pay with cash or your 24/7 FleetCard!
  • 100 points = $1.00 towards your in-store purchase.




Shower Credit
Shower credit is earned with a +50 gallon diesel purchase
Credit is good for 10 days
NEW for team drivers: Redeem multiple shower credits per day with no time limit in between.

Cash Advance
Free Cash Advance when driver makes the request at the dispenser.
Free Cash Advance with 50 + gallon diesel purchase when request is made inside.

To sign up, grab your VIP Rewards card at any 24/7 Travel Store location and register online here.

To view complete program rules, click here.

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