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During the COVID-19 pandemic, our mission is to keep our Team, customers, and Professional Drivers safe and healthy, while keeping all 100+ 24/7 Team members employed and our 10 locations operational.

To our Team Members:

You have done a tremendous job keeping your stores operational, clean and friendly, even as the COVID-19 pandemic presents you with personal and professional challenges never experienced.

Thank you for your extra efforts to keep America’s Pro Drivers and our guests safe, and for providing them with the fuel and essential services they need to get their job done. We sincerely appreciate your dedication to keep us operational 24/7 true to our name. The work you are doing is truly essential.

24/7 Travel Store’s size and Team efforts have qualified us for government stimulus benefits, and we are doing what we can to pass them through to you by:

Maintaining Available Hours:

Effective March 30th through May 31st, we are maintaining available store hours to pre-pandemic levels to stabilize paychecks in an unstable time. This also provides the hours needed to meet sanitation goals.

Raising Hourly Wages:

Effective March 30th through May 31st, we are guaranteeing a higher hourly wage than our proprietary incentive program would generate in normal times. Additionally, 2020 annual raises were issued on schedule.

Relaxing Attendance Policies:

We have temporarily relaxed our attendance policy to allow flexibility for our Team members who are caring for children or are possibly sick.

Providing Emergency Paid Leave:

Effective April 1st through December 31st, Team members have 2 weeks of COVID-19 emergency paid leave; so, if they become sick or are quarantined, they can stay home without experiencing a pay gap.

If you would like to join our Team, we are hiring; go to https://24-7stores.com/careers/ to apply. Our normal pay and benefits are leading the retail industry, and the temporary policy above is competitive with similar temporary programs advertised by national chain retailers.

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